Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Disasters narrowly missed and retching on the bus

Well I start my new job today so wish me luck! I have to admit I haven't got off to the greatest of starts - as I was on the bus to Brighton yesterday for a merry printing session, I got a phone call asking where I was - I was supposed to start yesterday! I felt sick with awfulness (in fact, I actually retched). But checking back, I found that they had typed the wrong date on my letter. I hadn't noticed the day at all.

After changing buses, I discovered that everyone in the local area had seemingly decided not to wash for 3 weeks and then join me for the rest of my journey. Pleasant. Retching on the bus twice in a day - that must be a first.

The lovely, odour-free people at BIP cheered me up as usual. Remember my Manatee print? My first ever etching? Well I thought I'd add aquatint to it last week and I thought it was a disaster - the plate went rusty within seconds of coming out of the acid. But I cleaned it off with Brasso and it turned out really well...
In fact I'd like to make a story around these two.

Anyway I should be dressing in my smart yet casual clothes. Bye!


Matt robertson said...

Wow! That's awesome. Lovely lovely lovely!!! I would like to try aquatinting one day.

I went to BIP's open studio last weekend. Nice work. I was concidering doing an etching course there. Hey, are you entering the Julia Donaldson/Waterstones Children's book illustration competition???

Liza said...

Hey Matt! You would LOVE etching. It's fab. No, I'm not entering...I did think about it but not enough time. How about you?