Saturday, 28 March 2009

Feeling Blue

Well, I've been turned down for the funding I applied for. I got a letter this morning.

Here's the sketch I did for my new etching plate...I think it sums up the way I am feeling. I think I'll make it really dark and moody - put an aquatint on and use a lot of lines too.

My only hope now is a career development loan. I just hope they aren't means tested, because if they are I'm sunk...


Jeremy Burton said...

Your prints are wonderful. Looking forward to seeing some of your work in the Open House season. Good luck with the search for funding for your MA.

Liza said...

Thanks Jeremy! I've just about stopped sobbing now, but I could start again at any time. I'll let you and Becky know details of the Open Houses nearer the time! Hope all is well with the house, x