Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Even More Printing

Here's another chine colle tree from my printing class...this time it's on zinc. Next week is my last week...sniff...but I've got a few hours owing to me because of the time we had snow. Then I can join, and use the studios on an open access basis. I've already bought myself some stopping-out varnish to show my commitment! I started work on a new plate which I really like so far so hopefully I'll be able to post the results next week. Hope to post some new doll pictures soon too, when I can afford batteries for my camera!

Ooh, and Brad got me this today in Dave's Comics...I just couldn't leave the shop without it! And I then had to be manhandled past Pen to Paper (and the Bead Shop, and the Oxfam Bookshop)!


Dave Shelton said...

And success at Lawrence's?

Liza said...

Oh yes - I got the Stopping-out varnish there! (And I have my eye on a scraper-burnisher too...)