Friday, 12 December 2008

Citizens Advice Bureau

Hello everyone. As many of you will know it's still our exhibition at the moment. The gallery is not as busy as Thebes in Lewes (where we exhibited last year) and stewarding days can be long. Yesterday I stuffed two thighs and two lower legs, and did some sketching too. (The body parts were a doll's you understand - I haven't suddenly transformed into some sort of carnivorous Nigella.)

Most visitors seem to think we are the Citizens Advice Bureau, or have come to find out where it is. One person was clearly very lonely and talked to me for an hour...I don't know if she ever knew it was an exhibition! But those that have come for the exhibition seem to enjoy it. These two loved Kitty's work. Another pair of old ladies laughed so much they needed tissues.

Most popular line upon entering exhibition: "Oh, my glasses have steamed up."
Second most popular line upon entering exhibition: "Is this the Citizens Advice Bureau?"

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