Friday, 21 March 2014

Nurse Nancy

I was sitting here thinking, and suddenly The Four Marys popped into my head. It was a strip from Bunty, one of the many comics I read as a little girl. If I remember rightly all the Marys went to a posh boarding school but one of them was working class (she must have got a scholarship). 

That got me remembering Twinkle, which was the highlight of my week as a five-ish year old, and featured a strip called Nurse Nancy. Nancy had the life of my dreams, seemingly spending all her time mending dolls and teddies and putting them in nice little beds. Not to mention her very impressive uniform. 

Nancy must have made a deep impression on me, because my first job after leaving school was in a Dolls' Hospital. Disappointingly though, there were no uniforms, or tiny beds.  

(Also I am now married to a real, live nurse). 


Sue Westcott said...

I loved seeing Nurse Nancy and Twinkle mentioned in your post! I took was an avid reader and I loved the cut out and dress up Twinkles that came in the comic.

At a car boot sale last year I found a stack of Twinkle annuals that I had to buy for my six year old daughter. I remembered the illustrations and the stories :-)

Liza said...

Oh I loved the dress up paper twinkle too! Wonderful. :)