Friday, 26 November 2010


Sorry once again for my absence...I have just got a new job with more hours so have even less precious time for my coursework. So you can imagine how I chortled when I stumbled down my steps last night while putting the rubbish out and hurt my RIGHT hand while trying to save myself! Oh, I roared with laughter, I can tell you. I was in denial at first, and went to work today as usual - but the fingers swelled and were stiff and painful. So I ended up having to go to hospital. Luckily it's not broken, just bruised and inflamed. But the doctor told me it could be like this for TWO WEEKS!! Two weeks!! Well, I won't allow it. I can hold a pencil and draw a little (albeit wobbly) but I can't curl my hand round an engraving tool at all at the moment. Hand in date is 5th January. What a hoot!

Here's a rough I did just before IT happened.


Sue Westcott said...

Hope your hand is better soon, that you manage to do some work and hit your hand in date okay.

I managed to do something similar (slice through two fingers of my right hand, needing lots of stitches) five days before my degree show, so I can sympathise. Best of luck.

Liza said...

Thank you Sue! Five days before your degree show...blimey! xxx