Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Back to Uni! Hurrah!

Well it was my first day back at uni today and we're now second scary! I came away feeling daunted, but inspired. So-o-o-o pleased to see my friends, and of course all their fab ideas for this semester. (Which of course all seem so much better than my ideas!)

Anyway, here are my train sketches.

I was going to crop out the song lyrics I doodled, but then changed my mind...Florence was part of my journey after all!

On the way back...much harder to draw pretty people with no wrinkles/glasses/double chins! And I think no matter how many years I travel by train it will never, ever become interesting to draw the seats.

1 comment:

Dave Shelton said...

Loverly drawrings, missus. And you've done a fine job on the wrinkle and spectacle-free lass.

Know what you mean about the seats though.