Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Woop! Woop!

Today I finished the bulk of my speed dating project. Will just be tweaking, and the cover from now on. Unless my tutors tell me to re-do it all that is! (In which case I won't have time to post here for a very long time!) Anyway here's a little peak.

Life's been pretty normal and boring really. Here are the dramatic highspots:-

  • My cat had a huge fight and Charlie had to throw water over them.

  • I have been avoiding someone, because they have been reminding me to do something which costs me money. Charlie's suggestion was to clothesline the person concerned and then squat over her. That's a wrestling move. I couldn't do that, so today I couldn't avoid doing the thing anymore and am now, unbelievably, even poorer.

  • I realised that my studio neighbour's gas heater is making me feel ill.
  • I realised I don't know how to get rid of bullet points, or the huge spaces in between some of them.
  • Goodbye.



A Ofelia ficou linda,parabéns!

Liza said...

Muito obrigado!