Tuesday, 23 June 2009


No printing today for several reasons (mainly financial).

I was just going to some drawing, as I have an unexpected hour to myself. But just as I got my stuff out, my neighbours started a rousing chorus of that Basshunter (or whatever it is) dance tune "All I Ever Wanted". It's getting faster and louder and I can just tell that they are jumping up and down, possibly punching the air. I bet they move onto Shania Twain soon, and when they do I shall be overwhelmingly gloomy.

It's been a crap week so far - and it's only Tuesday.

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PG said...

:*( I so sympathise, I loathe over-generous people who want to share their questionable musical taste with the rest of the world, though thankfully we don't suffer from it. (Village life - they'd get lynched!)
Hope your week improves.