Monday, 22 September 2008


Hello...not much going on really except that I am just recovering from a bout of food poisoning. The bug I picked up is commonly found in undercooked chicken...ironic since I'm a vegetarian! I have been ill for about four weeks, but now I just feel tired! Anyway I did make this little card for a friend who has just had a baby...

It's collage and paint.

My ancient PC has got a bug too, I think. Every minute or so, Windows Anti-Virus things pop up. It's so tedious and I don't understand. I have enough money to get a new laptop, but had almost decided to keep saving up for a Mac desktop instead. But it looks like this one won't last long enough after all. Maybe I shouldn't have put that undercooked chicken in the disk drive....

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Misheard Lyrics No.1

Welcome to a new series! I just love misheard lyrics. You know - when you overhear someone get the words to a song totally wrong? Or when you don't really know the words to a song but you sing along anyway and kind of make something up? Well I thought I would not only collect these gems but do little cartoons to go with them. I did this doodle just now, while relaxing in front of my newly installed Sky TV!

The first one is a song I am sure you all know and love. My friend used to sing this line, which I think is far better than the real one.

Song - Billy Jean (Michael Jackson)
Real line - Billy Jean's not my lover

Look out for Misheard Lyric No.2 soon!